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Primoco Investments is an investment company specialized in investment on the field of private equity, information technology and media. The company was established in 2006 with the geographic focus on CEE and Russian Federation


Ladislav Semetkovsky, Chief Executive Officer & Founder
In 1997 Ladislav Semetkovský founded Media Online which within ten years, became the largest lifestyle portal operator focused on homes and living in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria and the Russian Federation. Its main brands included TVUJDUM.CZ, TVOJDOM.SK, DEINWOHNEN.DE, DEINWOHNEN.AT and DOBROPOZALOVAT.RU. As well as portals he also provided successful eBusiness solutions for mid-sized and international companies in CEE. In 2007 he sold his publishing operations to the Finnish group SanomaWSOY.

In 2007 Semetkovský began developing new businesses in Russia and China, and launched the successful travel portals RUSSIAN TRAVELLER.RU and CHINESE TRAVELLER.CN. From the outset, both portals attracted new customers in 60 different countries. Today RUSSIAN TRAVELLER.RU is the largest Russian travel portal with more than 1 million readers and 5,000 customers.

Primoco Investments owns other electronic media, such as STROITELSTVO365.RU, RUSSIAN RUNNER.RU and the online services REF.IO and FLIGHT OPERATION SYSTEM.COM.

In 2014 Semetkovský founded Primoco UAV which develops, produces and sells one of the largest unmanned civil aircraft in the world. The aircraft is designed for extended flights of up to 10 hours with a maximum range of 1,500 km. Almost uniquely, it provides fully automatic take-off and landing. The plane is used for operations in energy transmission, agriculture, frontier protection, research and rescue support. In both 2015 and 2016 Primoco UAV was one of the Top 100 innovation and technology companies in the Czech Republic.

In 2013 Semetkovský published his first book BUSINESS IN RUSSIA, a practical and readable guide for businesses looking to successfully expand into the Russian Federation. Semetkovský is a qualified private pilot of both piston engine and turbo-prop aircraft and a collector of 8-bit computers. He speaks Czech, Russian and English.

Investment portfolio


Lifestyle portal on travel and tourism


Lifestyle portal on travel and tourism


Russian B2B portal for the construction industry


Russian B2C portal for the runners


Software for flight schools, clubs and FBO

REF.IO is modern service that enables your clients to evaluate your product, service or work of your employees.